2004-03-13: 3.1 is released. PUBLIC_3_1 for the CVS fans.

2003-11-20: CVS is back on its feet. I didn't see the point in re-importing versions prior to the reshuffling, so the restored tags are PUBLIC_2_7, PUBLIC_3_0, PUBLIC_3_0_1, and PUBLIC_3_0_2.

2003-10-11: As mentioned at LiveJournal, my fix to CVS only fixed part of the issue. I am going to leave the broken repository posted another week, and proceed with the re-initialize and import plan if I get no feedback. I am beginning to hate CVS.

2003-10-03: SourceForge is in the process of fixing CVS. Hopefully, this will be the last time I break things. I'd still like to get 3.1 out as quickly as possible; want-to-have features are now in the project feature request list.

2003-09-26: I've been busy finding a place to live in Louisville, KY; I haven't gotten around to checking up on CVS or anything. I won't have internet for about a week, though, because BellSouth doesn't want to give me a DSL modem right away. That will give me time to work on this offline. I would really like to get a 3.1 out by Halloween, if possible.

2003-09-09: 3.0.1 is released to SourceForge. Regrettably, CVS is down again: trying to tag for 3.0.1 made my client segfault. Before I ask to fix the problem, I'm going to double-check the repository I had them import for syntax errors and such.

2003-09-04: The CVS repository is all updated. Now, sclj2 contains the 2.x series, with PUBLIC_2_6_1 and PUBLIC_2_7 tags, and sclj3 contains the 3.x series, with PUBLIC_3_0. I can finally go ahead and fix some bugs.

2003-08-20: SourceForge still hasn't fixed the CVS issues, so I've gone ahead and started the work. Locally, sclj2 is split into a separate module, and I have the necessary information to bring sclj3 up to the current state. I've also submitted a couple of bugs I've found over the past couple of days.

2003-08-15: The CVS nightly tarball is actually generated in .tar.bz2 format now, but still does not contain current information. I will begin updating it by hand next week.

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