SCLJ Screenshots

3.0 | 2.6.1

Version 3.0

[Detailed help, arguments, and a restricted mood list]
The new interface brings command arguments to everything, including help and list (the successor to listmoods). [Beta 3]

[Completions and Values]
Autocompletion madness! Not only do moods complete, but journals and pictures may now be selected by name. Also note that the current account and server alias are shown with the journal in the "values" command.

[Custom security]
Custom security in action, on the test account this time. There's some extra junk from logging in at the top.

[Ambiguous completion]
The ambiguous completion menu, shown here operating on the mood list.

Version 2.6.1

[Online help]

[Listing moods]

[Showing post]

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